Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Summer - Fall Adventures

Well, life has been interesting this summer.  Been working hard at field work and doing lab analyses, still at Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire.  I took a weekend in August to enjoy my friend's wedding in Minnesota--got to see an old college friend and also an Antarctic one while in there--and did a trip to the mountains in California in early July, visiting friends in Reno along the way.  There were several other smaller adventures like the Quechee balloon festival and some hiking.

I had meant to get this blog out months ago, but ah, life has a way of distracting one.  So, instead of rambling on a great deal more about the events, I will be brief and urge you to check out the lovely photos.  I attended a flora taxonomy course in the Sierras and after a couple mornings of lectures and practice, we spent the rest of the week hiking around looking for flowers and enjoying the scenery! Perhaps the most pleasant and pretty course I have ever taken.  The weekend of 4 July, just after the flora course,  I was in Reno totally basking in the dry desert air, enjoying the lovely downtown, touring about Pyramid Lake, and running in the hot, DRY, air.  My friends Becky and Sarah were the best hostesses and know how to throw a party--their friends were terrific. I threw in some photos of the balloon festival and have finally gotten together a small, but nice collection of photos from New England. I hope you enjoy them all.
Upcoming adventures include heading to Wyoming, and possibly Colorado, for the winter.  My job, here in New Hampshire, slows down in the winter--at least if I get done all the sample counting that needs to get done (click here to see what I count)--so I am taking a hiatus to spend some time in Big Sky country.  I am also planning to spend about 3 weeks in Chile and Patagonia in late February-March.  After that, I will return to Dartmouth for the final summer season of the grant.  And, after that,... I hope to move back to the Rocky Mountains, somewhere.

If you read last spring's blog you know (and if you did not, now you do know) that I added links to several of my photo albums on Picasa at the bottom of that blog entry.  You can go back to that blog entry and just click the link(s).  The photos at the end of this entry are links to more albums.  

I hope that Halloween is more treats than tricks this year and that the rest of your Holidays are wonderful, full of friends and the family that you want to see, good cheer, and a few adventures to keep you young.


PS.  don't forget to click on the caption to get the link--

Flowers in the Sierras

Balloon Festival

Callahan-Oakes Wedding

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