Monday, December 10, 2012

Final Fall in New England

Hi all,

  It was an interesting summer with a 1/2 marathon early on, an East Coast trip to see puffins, a West coast trip, summer Ultimate Frisbee league, and joining an informal camera club. The club got me out to take more photos and to feel guilty when I have not been out taking more.  So, I have photos from the puffin trip, from San Diego, and then a collection from around New England. I am also in a small group photography show in White River Junction with two landscape photos.  Very exciting.  The links above should take you to some of my older Picasa web albums of photos.  I will continue to add more links as time goes by.
  Life had been a bit in flux as I knew I wanted to leave New England this fall, but until late November did not have a job lined up.  However,  I  wrapped  up my job and time in Vermont / New Hampshire and am now living in Laramie, WY.  I was offered a job as a Surface and Subsurface Hydrology Lab manager at the University of Wyoming on a new, well-funded project.  You can read more about the WyCEHG on line. I just started working last Monday, so no really exciting news there yet, but I do get to research some new snowmobiles, new ATVs and a new truck as well as odds and ends of tools and instruments that will be needed to measure hydrology.  More on all that in my next posting.  I am also teaching snowboarding at the local area, Snowy Range Ski Area, so that will keep me busy most weekends.

  So, what did I do this summer?  In early summer I, and 3 friends, went to the eastern most part of Maine, then took a boat even "Easter" to Machias Seal Island to check out nesting puffins, razor bills, and murres or guillemots, as well as terns, gannets, sea lions, and other migrating birds with Bold Coast Charters.  They were great and the only company with a permit to land on the island. We also did a bit if hiking and dining in the area of Quoddy Head.  I posted these photos on FB ages ago, but here is the link again.  Just click the photo.

I also played a bunch of Ultimate Frisbee, and my summer league team won again.  Not really my doing, but rather a great synergy on the team lead by Captain Theo.  You might enjoy this photo--also on FB some time ago, but it is a nice one:

  In late September, I went to San Diego for a week to play in the ocean and hang out with two wonderful friends--one local, whose house was a delightful sanctuary for culinary delights and recuperation from the stresses of life. My Colorado friend and I spent lots of time on the beach and biking the side roads, and I even tried rowing for the first time on water.  Click the photo for the photo album.


Otherwise it was just a pretty summer in New England, and I took lots of photos of all sorts of things, including a few of my move to WY.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  Just click and sit back for a long slide show.

(P.S. I am still working on this link, so if it does not work, give me a day or two to finish loading the photos--thanks).

I have been asked for a few photos of Laramie and Wyoming, so here are few photos.  I will add more until 31 December, then you will have to wait for the next blog posting.  I hope you enjoy these as well.

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