Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holiday 2011


                Happy Holidays!!  2011     

It has been an excellent year for me—trips to Panama and the Dominican Republic last spring.   Snowboarding in New Hampshire and Vermont. A 50th birthday party that went great. A lovely trip to the Sierras for some flower identification training and visiting friends in Reno.  A wedding in Minnesota (not mine!) and the chance to visit more friends I have not seen in years.  An educational weekend in NYC about Volunteering and a seminar on nature  photography in Chicago rounded out the traveling—except for the 3 day drive to Wyoming (where I am finishing out the year).  Along the way, my summer Ultimate (Frisbee) team won the league, I ran a couple 5K races and biked 50 miles one morning for charity.  Been doing some skate skiing recently and looking forward to more skiing, snowboarding, running, and maybe even some biking or rollerblading in Fort Collins soon.  Work went well with lots of samples collected and most analyzed already.  Did a little scuba diving as part of the sample collecting and spent a lot of time looking at samples under the microscope.  Next summer will wrap up this project, for me anyway. 
Lake coring, Maine Feb 2011
   As to others in my life—my cat, Phoebe, is fine, though I’m not sure she has forgiven me for the 3 day drive yet.  Don, the boyfriend, is fine; busier than he would like to be, but healthy and hale.  My brothers are also fine, looking at some new ways to earn a living, so perhaps their lives will change soon.
   I also have lots of electronic connections—I am on Facebook (who isn’t ?) and LinkedIn. I have a website (that needs some updating and is linked below), and I have this blog that I post to every few months typically with photos and some of the news. 

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